"In The Culture Engine, Chris Edmonds clearly & plainly spells out how to shift your focus from chasing markets to building a strong, flexible organizational culture."

Marshall Goldsmith, Author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

About The Book

The Culture Engine shows leaders how to create a high performing, values-aligned culture through the creation of an organizational constitution. With practical step-by-step guidance, readers learn how to define their organization's culture, delineate the behaviors that contribute to greater performance and engagement, and guide behavior towards a safe, inspiring workplace.

Culture drives everything that happens in an organization day to day, including focus, priorities, and the treatment of employees and customers. Great culture drives great performance, and can help attract and retain talent.

Organizational culture is not an amorphous thing – it comes down from the top, inspired by the leadership. For an organization to fulfill its potential, the culture must truly reflect the heart of the company from leaders to team members. The Culture Engine helps leaders define the playing field, pushing performance to the next level.

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By S. Chris Edmonds

Praise For The Culture Engine

  • "I know few people better qualified to help leaders create high performing, values-aligned cultures. In this book Chris explains what constitutes a culture that drives results and what it takes to make that culture come alive."
    ~ Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager
  • "Chris Edmonds' approach will boost your team's spirit, trust, and performance. WD-40 Company's tribe culture was built upon these same concepts. Don't hesitate - get this book and create your organization's constitution. "
    ~ Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 Company
  • "Where has this book been? The Culture Engine demystifies the what and how of driving your company's culture to produce transformational business outcomes. Chris Edmonds operationalizes culture while offering practical tools necessary to align your people and gain profound competitive advantage. "
    ~ Joseph Michelli, Author of Leading The Starbucks Way
  • "Finally a book about culture that answers the how. Everyone knows culture is important but most don't know how to change their culture. Edmonds creates a detailed road map to help any leader deliver an inspiring culture that generates lasting organizational success. You will be hooked from chapter one. Culture Engine is must-read for leaders of the future. "
    ~ Joel Anderson, CEO of Walmart.com
  • "This book is a concrete road map to creating and managing a productive and inspiring culture for your organization. The idea of developing an organizational constitution is brilliant. Who doesn't want to work in an environment where the employees feel trusted, valued, and respected with a sense of purpose? This book will show you how to design such an environment. I highly recommend it. "
    ~ Hyrum Smith, Co-Founder of Franklin Covey
  • "Organizational culture and performance are intricately interwoven. In his excellent book, Culture Engine, Chris Edmonds shows how to create and use an organizational constitution - a break-through tool to help you shape this elusive, yet critically important ingredient to organizational success. "
    ~ Jesse Stoner, Co-author of Full Steam Ahead
  • "Chris Edmonds has spent his career helping organizational leaders clarify, communicate, and align actions around shared values. In this book, Chris reveals his tools of the trade. This practical, experience-based, easy-to-use guide enables you to build an inspiring organizational culture with confidence and determination."
    ~ Jim Kouzes, Co-author of The Leadership Challenge

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The Culture Engine

About Chris Edmonds

Chris Edmonds is the founder and CEO of the Purposeful Culture Group, which he launched after a 15-year career leading and managing teams. Since 1995, he has also served as a senior consultant with the Ken Blanchard Companies.

Over the years Chris has worked for clients in industries including automotive, banking and financial services, government, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, non-profit, pharmaceutical, retail, sales, software, and technology.

Chris has delivered over 100 keynote speeches to audiences as large as 5,000, and guided his clients to consistently boost customer satisfaction and employee engagement by 40+% and profits by 35% or more. He is the author or co-author of six books, including Leading At A Higher Level with Ken Blanchard.


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The Culture Engine

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The Culture Engine shows leaders how to create a high performing, values aligned culture through the creation of an organizational constitution. It is a must-read for leaders who want to transform their workplace and inspire their employees. Get your copy today!

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